Tyler Perry Dispels False Rumors of Cassi Davis’ Death

Tyler Perry took to Instagram on Monday to dispel rumors of the death of “House of Payne” actress Cassi Davis.

After reports circulated that the actress had passed away from lung cancer at the age of 58, Perry shared a screenshot of the news article with the words “THIS IS A LIE” scribbled in bold red font.

Perry clarified that neither he nor Davis had been informed of her supposed passing and assured followers that the actress was alive and well. He also shared that he had just spoken with Davis, who was excited to begin filming the upcoming season of “House of Payne.”

In his post, Perry urged whoever was responsible for the false rumors to stop and reminded them of the harm they were causing. He also shared that Davis had jokingly asked if she could be buried in his pool if she did pass away.

“Can whoever is responsible for this please stop,” Perry wrote in his caption. “You better be careful when you speak death over a child of God. You’re harming a lot of people, and this woman is loved by millions.”

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