Black Spot

Today I am gonna share with you an amazing and funny story of a mother, kid, and the doctors.

Let’s start the story with the that there is a house and a child is playing in the room, Suddenly his mom sees his mouth and discovers that her son has a black spot in his mouth. She gets worried and is rushed to the hospital.

Parents are very sensitive when it comes to their children because they love them the most and even a slight disease or mysterious mark on their skin worries their parents.

The same thing happened in this case, She got worried and was rushed to the hospital. She called the emergency and asked the doctors to check her child.

Doctors started asking what happened to the kid and what he was doing and what exactly she saw.

She told them everything and begged them to cure her kid. The staff of the hospital was also curious that what kind of disease it would be.

Doctors asked all the staff to take the child from the mother and let a team of doctors examine the child.

Nurses took the child and mom to the operating room and the examination of the mark started. Doctors checked and asked the mother if there was any kind of birthmark in her.

Mother nodded her head and said there was no such type of birthmark.

Doctors asked the nurses to check it with a tool and they found out that it was a rapper which was stuck to the outer side of the mouth and nothing else.

Everyone there was laughing straight for 5 to 10 minutes including the mother who was happy because it was nothing but just a rapper.

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