Kathreen Bradley Called Out For Saying Lil Kim Looked Deformed and Scary At BET Awards

Lil Kim has made some transformations over the years, and not everyone is pleased. The former Bad Boy superstar’s most recent appearance at “Culture’s Biggest Night,” the BET Awards 2022, has some people talking that perhaps the rapper has gone too far with her looks. One such celebrity who offered her opinion was Friday star and former model, who took one look at Lil Kim and was apparently mortified.

The 2022 BET Awards were held on Sunday, June 26. Lil Kim made a surprise appearance as one of the many performers that came out to tribute Diddy alongside the Lifetime Achievement honoree himself.

The acclaimed Brooklyn native stepped on stage, “dressed in all black like the omen,” to perform the collaborative effort between her then-labelmates, Puff Daddy, The Lox, and The Notorious B.I.G., “All About The Benjamins.”But things didn’t go all the way as planned for the rapper. Much like many other performers of the night, it appeared that Lil Kim went through some sound issues.

The rapper seemed to miss her cue, rapping the opening of her verse a few steps ahead of her intended entrance. However, Lil Kim soldiered on, hitting her signature dance movements as fans in the audience cheered on and rapped along. For the rest of her verse, the rapper delivered as if there were no other issues. But while Lil Kim was performing and some fans were happy to see their Queen Bee on stage, there were many others that were astonished at her appearance. Although there is no confirmation, it would appear as though some parts of Lil Kim may have been enhanced a bit more, and many took notice.

One of those that took notice happened to be Friday actress Kathleen Bradley, most famous for portraying “Mrs. Parker” in the film. Bradley took to social media with a clip of Lil Kim’s performance and expressed her own opinions. The actress and former The Price Is Right model shared that although she’d been enjoying the BET Awards, she was no longer able to once Lil Kim came on stage. “I’m sorry, y’all,” said Kathleen Bradley, “she looks deformed and scary.”

Many fans agreed with Bradley’s statements in her comment section. However, most felt that Lil Kim looked better in her natural state, and some others stated that she is “addicted to plastic surgery. “Man, if only somebody could tell her she was beautiful just the way she was back in the day,” one fan wrote with many crying emojis. “The letter H will be discussed on Sesame Street,” another social media user joked. “After seeing the results…. Why are people still getting these augmentations done to their bodies??? People, especially black women, love yourself!!” wrote another.

However, not everybody felt the same way as Kathleen Bradley. Some called the actress out for her comments, calling them disrespectful. “What you talking bout she look good af,” wrote a fan in disagreement. Another wrote, “Weird and disrespectful video. A whole discussion about someone’s looks is crazy.” “But Ms. Parker is out of line talking [stuff] about Kim when her face is sagging,” one social media user quipped. What do you think about the comments made by Kathleen Bradley, aka “Mrs. Parker?” Do you agree or disagree with her?

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