Rapper Offset Taking Loss Of Takeoff Hard, Puts His Differences With Migos To The Side To Pay Tribute..

Before losing TakeOff on Tuesday, November 1st, the Migos were a shat’tered unit. The three men, who are also all related, had not been acting as a unit for a while,

but it is not entirely apparent what transpired between them. Fans had been hoping to see Quavo and Offset show support for their deceased brother as a unit, and today, Offset gave them their first taste of that on Instagram.

The group pulled out of Rolling Loud in Toronto after making multiple appearances without Offset, disappointing fans who were hoping to see them there. Was so excited to see you two. What a ter’rible circumstance, you guys are the best team ever.

Offset has stopped posting with the Migos and appears to have deleted all of the content from his Facebook. Offset was last mentioned by Quavo in a post dated January of this year, which also marked the release of their Culture II album’s fourth anniversary.

When ru’mours of an affair between Offset and Saweetie first surfaced this year, many people discounted them because of how close Offset and Quavo are as well as how married Offset is. Sadly, Offset started skipping group performances,

giving the impression that there might have been some truth to it. While others speculated that the conflict between Quavo and Offset may have been from envy, Quavo’s lyrics from the song “Messy” fueled speculations of an affair. TakeOff appeared to have a

different perspective and hoped that his uncle and cousin could find some common ground. He emphasized that although he frequently prays, he does not have all the answers. Since the event, Offset and Quavo have both been silent. With speculations that the sh;ooter was a buddy

of Quavo’s who accidentally fired while attempting to defend him, Quavo, who was present during the incident, is visibly suffering deeply. Offset hasn’t yet commented on Takeoff’s passing in the media. He has, however, updated his social media profile picture to honour his late bandmate. The rapper is apparently taking it hard as Cardi B tries to mediate a reconciliation between him and Quavo.

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