Willow Smith ‘I Want Relationship With One Man, One Women At The Same Time!’

Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t the just one who isn’t sc’ared of sharing. It looked like that this trait runs deeply in the Smith family.

Because Red Table Talk is a safe space for sharing, and as we learnt so much about Jada, we not have the chance to learn about Willow as well.

And currently the star disclosed that she is bis’exual, and that she wouldn’t be over a polyamorous connection. Red Table Talk is one of the most genuine shows nowadays. It’s like a talk show where you can freely and openly talk about whatever subject you want,

with no judgment whatsoever. In the prior times, a lot of guests shared a lot of their insecurities, and host Jada herself talked about marriage struggle or love troubles. And while few of Jada’s revelations were quite surprising, they were also necessary.

Because it’s essential to let people familiar that celebrities go via the same troubles. And Willow, Jada and Will Smith‘s daughter, has shared pretty a lot of herself on the show, too. She talked over several issues teenagers e’ncounter.

And currently, during the episode, she shared that she wouldn’t mind being in a polyamorous connection. The episode targeted on “u’nco’nventional connection” and having many partners.

To which Willow opened that she wouldn’t mind being in a connection with a man and a lady at the same time.

While at the show, Jada addressed that Willow has been reading up on polyamory, the practice of having various partners who are committed to each other.

And to that, Willow, 18 years old, answered that: “I couldn’t see myself in a quadruple, I mean, anything could took place. Personally, male and female, that’s all I just need.”

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