Stevie J Awarded Sole Custody Of Daughter – Judge Issues Warrant For Joseline’s Arrest (Details!)

It looks like there’s no way Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez will have a peaceful relationship for their daughter’s sake.

Because the two of them have been fighting over custody, and not always playing fair. And now it looks like Stevie J received full custody of his daughter.

Following their breakup, things got pretty ugly between Stevie and Joseline. Because neither of them wanted to compromise, not even for their daughter’s sake, Bonnie Bella. The almost three-year-old has been pulled from one party to another, and while they shared a custody, things didn’t go well.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Stevie was supposed to have Bonnie Bella from Jul. 28 to Aug. 11. And he traveled to Miami where Joseline to pick her up, but Joseline refused to let him take her.

And then Joseline had to give the baby so she returned to Miami with Bonnie.

But it looks like her little scheme didn’t work and she lost the custody in favor of Stevie. So now he got the full custody temporarily, and Joseline has only visiting rights for now.

However, I doubt Joseline will like this.

But Stevie is now enjoying the time with his daughter, and maybe they’ll find a way to be civil. And it’s great they both want to be in Bonnie’s life. But maybe they’ll find a way to work with each other, not against each other.

I guess we’ll be hearing more about Joseline’s reaction soon.

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