‘RHOA’ Star Kandi Burruss Expecting Third Child With Husband Todd Tucker (Pics)

Here’s some good news for the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans! Because reality show star Kandi Burruss is reportedly going to be a mother again!

And she is expecting her third child with her husband, Todd Tucker via surrogate!

Kandi and her husband, Todd, already share a three year old son, Ace. And she has a child from a previous relationship, 16 year old daughter Riley, while Tucker is dad to daughter Kaela, 22, also from a different relationship.

And during the last season of the show, they wanted to expand their family.

On Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched them explore their options. They opened up about using a surrogate and they even met a surrogate who they felt would be suitable for them. And it looks like they seemed to like that option in the end.

And that it also worked, according to MTO News.

When speaking about having a surrogate, Kandi said on Busy Tonight back in February: “I had made a comment. I said something like, ‘I guess I’m gonna have a baby mama.’ And he said to me, ‘Don’t you ever say that because you are the mother. ‘And to say she’s your baby’s mom is taking away from you.’ It made me feel better.”

And eventually, they decided to go for it.

We’ll also get more insight into the story, too. Because MTO News reports that, in the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers will also get the opportunity to follow Kandi’s surrogacy journey, as it will be a big story line in the show.


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