Cassie Ventura Gets Married To Her Model Boyfriend Alex Fine! (Wedding Pics)

Congratulations looked like to be in order for Diddy‘s ex- girlfriend, Cassie Ventura! Later almost a year of connection with her trainer boyfriend,

Alex Fine, the 2 are now married! Cassie Ventura and P. Diddy we’re in relationship for almost a decade. She started dating Diddy,

while singing on his record label Bad Boy. The 2 dated for more than a many years and had their fair share of “ups and downs.”

Cassie stood by him via his constant on/off connection with the lady numerous thought was the real love of his life, the late Kim Porter.

She was also there via the birth of 3 of his kids (not with Cassie). Model Cassie began dating Alex, a trainer and model. The two suddenly fell in love, and within months they were expecting. And now the happy couple looked like to have gotten married already.

It all took place in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, and both the expecting model and her boyfriend looked like very happy. Diddy himself was very happy for Cassie when she announced her expecting so there is no bad blood there. Congratulations to the happy

duo in this new step in their lives! Fans are so glad they are commenting their good wishes for their upcoming journey and showing there happiness on various platforms.

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