Daycare Worker Ab*ucting Toddler & Duct Taping Her To Chair!

There are many things around the house that duct tape can solve. The one application for which duct tape should never be used is to restrain a youngster.

Particularly if you own a daycare centre. A parents in Missouri demanded that a daycare be closed after seeing a picture of their

four-year-old daughter pinned to a chair. According to reports, the daughter’s picture was shown to Elysha Brooks and Christina Evans by the Missouri Department of Children and Family Services. The young child had been enrolled at Little Learners of Florissant.

When Brooks shared this tale on Facebook, she claimed that a daycare teacher had taped her daughter to a chair, taken a picture, and posted it online.

The teacher had no idea how to deal with the slightly out of control children. The majority of daycare centers conduct

background checks on their employees, but I can attest from personal experience that the stress and strain of managing a group of young children every day can wear you out. The students in your class won’t pay attention to you in class if they are not properly disciplined at home.

So, yes, I do believe that the teacher is partly at fault in this situation. You should never restrain a child in that manner. We just know a portion of the narrative, though. What did the youngster do to warrant the teacher duct taping her to the chair? A child who is listening should not be restrained. People, please share.

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