Friday Actor, AJ ‘Ezal’ Johnson Passed Away At Age 55, Leaves behind 3 Kids

The Hollywood Reporter was informed by Anthony Johnson’s agent, LyNea Bell, that the actor and comedian had pas’sed away.

Anthony Johnson played the iconic Ezal in the film Friday. He was 55. There was no further information provided concerning his pas’sing.

An icon was lost. Bell told THR that he would be s*rely missed. His h**our, his acting prowess, but most im portantly his tre*endous personality and heart of gold, have left us with in credible memories.

His wife Lexis, three children, brother Edward Peanut Smith, sister Sheila, and life long manager and friend Mike D will all be in our prayers at all times.

Give them the time they require to abs orb and grieve such a significant loss, please. Born in Compton, California, AJ Johnson. Lil Man from The Players Club,

James from B*A*P*S, Blue from I Got The Hook Up, and Spootie are some of his most well-known performances (How To Be A Player). Johnson stated earlier this year that he was approached to repeat his part in the Friday franchise’s second film,

but he was replaced when the producers were able to acquire Fredro Starr at a lower price. Ice Cube expressed his admiration for Johnson on Twitter and ap*logized for not bringing Ezal back to the big screen for Last Friday, calling Johnson a naturally

hu**rous person. It was sad to hear about AJ Johnson’s passing when you woke up. Straight out of Compton guy who was also naturally humorous. The actor had a panic at**ck in 2017 while travelling to a comedy gig at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. No information about how

he d*ed has been made public. Johnson leaves behind his wife Lexis, three kids, sister Sheila, brother Edward Peanut Smith, life long manager Mike D, and three siblings. As the news of his passing sp*ead on Monday, Johnson was trending on Twitter as admirers expressed their g*ief.

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