After comedian Redd Foxx passed away at the age of 68, Eddie Murphy paid for his f**eral and g**vestone.

Hollywood success was attained by actor and comedian Redd Foxx. However, by his sixties, he was bankrupt.

Eddie Murphy never deserted him, despite the fact that he felt alone after losing his money. For his role as Fred G. Sanford on the television programme Sanford and Son, Redd is best known.

Even a television programme, The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour, was named for him. Redd had four different marriages but no kids. He had only Eddie Murphy, a fellow comedian and actor, in his life near the end of his life.

Redd had outstanding taxes totaling $755,166.21 due to the IRS in 1989. When he didn’t pay, they elevated his three-bedroom house in Las Vegas, taking as much as they could to get their money back.

While his property was being seized, Redd earned between $15,000 and $20,000 per week performing at the Hacienda Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Eddie co-wrote and co-produced the movie Harlem Nights with Richard Pryor, and Redd made an appearance in it. Redd bet Eddie $1,000 that he would be married within a year when they were making the movie, Eddie recalled.

We were tight, and I did love Redd Foxx, Eddie continued. Yes, I did mention him in Dolemite and other things. Redd was a key character in The Royal Family, a sitcom that Eddie even developed.

After being absent from television for five years, Redd finally got a job. Eddie thought of Redd’s passing and how he had to literally pay for his f**eral, get a monument, and complete all of those tasks. Redd was not the only Hollywood icon he had to b**y, he said.

Over the years, I b**ied a lot of individuals. For some unexplained reason, many people in show business don’t have their belongings organized when they pass away. If you only knew, I buried a lot of renowned people. If only you knew, he remarked.

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