R. Kelly Fans Want His Ex-Wife Drea Kelly Locked Up With Him: R. Kelly Shouldn’t Be Sitting In Jail Alone

Kelly is now being held accountable for his decades-long year of mistreating his young female admirers. Despite extremely public proof that he had multiple staff members and pals helping him operate a complicated ring to move ladies across the country and keep them enthralled,

the R&B legend has taken the fall entirely alone. His ex-wife Andrea Kelly is one of many people accused of facilitating R. Kelly’s ability to operate undetected. In the 1990s, Andrea was a struggling dancer when she was chosen to tour with R. Kelly.

They first met and started dating when she was 19 years old. By the time she reached the rank of principal dancer, she had already gotten engaged. She endured the same treatment that her husband had subjected scores of other women to.

Having met him so young, Drea thinks so too. She alleges that although they were married, she never felt like a wife and was treated more like a property. She filed for divorce in 2006 after they parted ways in 2005. The divorce between Drea and Robert wasn’t finalized until 2009.

She claimed she was terrified for her life and that she had a restraining order against him since she didn’t think anyone would believe what she had gone through with the discredited musician. People on the internet believe that Drea ought to be imprisoned with Robert,

who has already received a 30 year term in connection with his allegations of racketeering and trafficking in New York state. In the most recent Masquerade Gala Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Awareness, Drea Kelly participated. Many Twitter users criticized R. Kelly’s


ex-wife during the event’s promotion for her involvement in his transgressions. Fans cited victim testimony in which they claimed Drea had participated in threesomes with them. As the R. Kelly tour with this woman continued, Drea Kelly neglected to mention that she had


collaborated on acts with numerous women, including Lisa Van Allen and Rashonda Landfair. The fundraiser went through without a hitch despite the public’s call for Drea Kelly to be held accountable.

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