Jennifer Hudson Refuses To Buy $20K Shoes For Her Son She says she was a Payless child

Jennifer Hudson’s illustrious career has supplied her with plenty of coin, but she still cares where and how she spends it.

On her self-titled new talk show, the famed singer revealed that her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., informed her that a pair of her sneakers were fake, but also, that an authentic pair of Jordans can cost $20,000.

“‘I, as a kid, my brother and my sister loved gym shoes, and they would get the Jordans and name brands stuff,” the EGOT winner told her audience, noting how she and her mother used to seek out the cheapest shoes when she was a child during back to school time. “‘Mama, don’t worry about me, take me to Payless.’”

The conversation about shoes began when Hudson was telling her audience about how involved she is in her son’s life. When she and her teenager were recently at a local clothing store, they were shocked to learn that a $7,000 pair of shoes just sold there.

Subsequently, David picked out a pair of Jordan 11 Retro OVO Grey Snakeskin, which are generally auctioned for around $20,000. Let’s just say the mother-son combo left the shopping establishment empty-handed.

“What do the shoes do?!” Hudson said to a laughing audience. “What it do? Is it going to drive me somewhere?” This then led her son to point out that her shoes were fake, something she didn’t think was even a thing.

Watch the hilarious story below.

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